Some people think I am ungrateful. The rule of law doesn’t care about who is grateful or not. This case stopped being about me as soon as evidence was closed on March 15, 2016.

In our North-American system, judge-made law is the main source of law. Once a judgment is signed, it is no longer just about the parties, it becomes a precedent applying to everyone. Published forever, it can It be cited by other parties. For example, if one day I decide to practice, I know exactly how I can use the judgments written about me against all kinds of vulnerable persons, creditors, copyright owners. I know how to exploit content I don’t own, because by the time someone files for an injunction, the profit will be made, the content will be taken down, only to reappear later on a different platform in a different jurisdiction.

It is the nature of the legal profession to fight for a client, especially when that client is a “bad person”. Duty of loyalty is owed to a client long after a retainer is over. It can become oppressive, that’s why so many lawyers hate their jobs. Some clients have political connections and it becomes even harder to remain ethical. I don’t have to convince anyone of the disaster that ensues when sex gets political, how somehow lawyers end up paying the price for what clients ask them to do (watch the news, Michael Cohen, NDA’s, etc)

Yet, it is the most noble ever profession. That’s why it was so important for me to send a clear message that I was ready to lose everything and have my damages reassessed, so long as other people are spared the bullying and slut shaming. No matter how broke I was at the moment I won this case, I was never going to become an accomplice with a slut-shaming precedent.

That being said, I am now clean before God, Queen, and Country, and most of all the public. Having dissociated myself from all retrograde opinions, my integrity is intact, now I can touch the money, As nominal as it seems, it will help me to reimburse my student loans.

I know a lot about the weaknesses of the system, about who does their job, and most importantly who doesn’t. There is a lot to be gotten away with through the inefficiency of the system itself. However, when bullying is the only way out of a case, it means that the bullied party has a really strong case as a matter of law.

Cahier de preuve pour l'audience sur sentence devant le Comité sur la sténographie